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E-book Cover Design Service specializes in creating captivating, high-quality covers that bring your stories to life. Our dedicated team combines artistry with market insights to craft visually stunning designs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and creativity, we turn your vision into an impactful cover that entices readers and sets your book apart in the competitive digital landscape.

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Who We Are

We are a passionate team at eBook Cover Design Services, dedicated to bringing authors’ visions to life through compelling cover art. Our expertise lies in understanding the nuances of storytelling and translating them into visual designs that speak volumes. Our designers are not just skilled artists; they are storytellers at heart, committed to creating covers that resonate with both authors and readers.

eBook Cover Design Services prides itself on being a melting pot of creativity and innovation. With each project, we aim to deliver not just a cover, but a gateway that invites readers into the unique worlds our clients have crafted. Our mission is to ensure that every book we work on stands out in the ever-growing digital library, starting with a cover that captures the imagination.

Expert Team

Meet The Awesome Team


Meet our dedicated team of designers, artists, and strategists who work tirelessly to transform your ideas into exceptional eBook covers.

Liam Thompson

Creative Director

Mark Rodriguez

Lead Designer

Emily Clarke

Illustration Specialist

Max Reynolds

Graphic Designer

Alex Turner

Senior Designer
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Frequently Ask Questions


Your questions matter to us. In our Frequently Asked Questions section, you’ll find answers to common inquiries about our eBook cover design process, pricing, customization options, and more. This resource is crafted to provide clarity and assist you in making informed decisions about your cover design needs. If you have further questions, our team is always ready to provide additional insights and guidance, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience with our services.

What types of cover designs does your service offer?

We specialize in a range of cover designs including Illustration Design, Non-Fiction Design, eBook Redesign, Audiobook Design, Fiction Design, and eBook Conversion. Each category is crafted to meet specific genre and format needs, ensuring your book stands out in its category.

How much do your cover design services cost?

Our pricing is tiered to fit various needs and budgets. The Basic Plan is $30, ideal for simple, yet professional designs. The Standard Plan at $60 offers more customization, and the Premium Plan at $90 provides our most comprehensive and bespoke design service.

Can I request revisions to my eBook cover design?

Absolutely! The number of revisions depends on your chosen plan. The Basic Plan includes a limited number of revisions, the Standard Plan offers more flexibility, and the Premium Plan includes unlimited revisions, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the final design.

Do you provide designs for both eBooks and audiobooks?

Yes, we cater to both eBooks and audiobooks. Our Audiobook Design service ensures that your cover is not only visually appealing but also meets the specific requirements of audiobook platforms.

What is eBook Conversion, and how does it differ from cover design?

eBook Conversion involves converting your manuscript into a format suitable for e-readers, like ePub or Kindle formats. This service is different from cover design, which focuses on the external appearance of your book. We offer both services to provide a comprehensive publishing solution.

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What Our Customers Have to Say!


Read the genuine feedback from authors who have transformed their eBooks with our cover designs. Their experiences reflect our commitment to quality and creativity in every project.

The EBook Cover Design Services is a genuine professional at creating captivating ebook covers. They prioritize their clients, and I didn’t hesitate to come back for a second time. Kudos to them, and I eagerly await to do my third ebook cover design with them.

Robin Wagner

Robin Wagner

CEO, xTech

The ebook cover designer turned my written concepts and the cover design examples that I shared with them into precisely what I wanted: a classic, breathtaking, simple appearance – truly fantastic! The cover designer even discovered the ideal image, which was a delightful surprise.

Charles Peter

Charles Peter

CTO, NovelNest Studios

I just tried out the EBook Cover Design Services company cover design for the first time, and I’m already looking forward to working with them again. The team did an amazing job on the cover for my first ebook, and it’s inspiring me to start working on a new story so they can work their magic.

Simon Roger

Simon Roger

CMO, InkScroll Creations


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