The difference between ebooks and audiobooks is a hot topic. While ebooks are the digital version of printed books, audiobooks are voice or audio recordings of books (ebooks or printed books). 

Both book formats are different, though they have the same goal – deliver literary content. Whether ebooks or audiobooks, the goal is to inform, educate, and empower readers with knowledge. 

The choice of readers differs between ebooks and audiobooks. Some individuals prefer ebooks, while others might tilt towards audiobooks for some reason. 

Here, we shall be discussing the difference between both book formats (audio and ebook) and share some of their similarities. Keep reading for more details. 

What Is An eBook And Audiobook?

Let’s take a moment to define both book formats before delving into their differences. 

What are ebooks? These are also called “electronic books.” They are the digital format of printed or paperback books. 

You can access ebooks on any device. These include eReaders, mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers. They are text-based publications transformed into digital format and optimized to display on a range of screens. 

Another thing you need to know is that an ebook is just like a mini website. It is created using HTML, EPUB, and PDF formats. This makes it flexible and simple to navigate. 

Now, let me quickly disclose one major difference between ebooks and audiobooks. That’s the multimedia experience. 

With an ebook, you’ll enjoy an excellent multimedia experience. You’ll find pictures, videos, infographics, charts, and even colorful texts to build a photographic memory of what you’re reading. 

A Handy Tip: One similarity between ebooks and audiobooks is that the content you can produce with both encompasses all genres. 

What are audiobooks? These are audio or voice recordings of books. Just like you listen to music, you can listen to audiobooks.

The interesting thing about audiobooks is the hands-free experience. They give you freedom to multitask. You’re not reading any text, just listening to audio play out from your device. 

Audiobooks offer readers an alternative method of reading or consuming literary content by immersing themselves. 

Is there a special device for playing audiobooks? While there is a dedicated audiobook player, you can listen to audiobooks on a wide range of devices. 

In other words, you can listen to audiobooks on your smartphones, desktop computers, or tablets. You can even listen to audiobook recordings from your smart TV.  

Who produces audiobooks? Understand that the authors produce audio versions of their books, though some hire professional narrators. 

With audiobooks, authors can bring their stories to life via their voices. Audiobooks allow listeners to engage with the characters and even become more emotionally attached to the story, thanks to the voice narration and acting.

Explaining The Difference Between Ebook and Audiobook?

There are diverse differences between audiobooks and ebooks. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1: Ebook and audiobook formats:

One of the differences between an audiobook and an ebook is the format. An ebook is like a mini website, available in formats such as EPUB, HTML, and PDF. 

Additionally, an ebook is the digital version of a printed or paperback book. 

On the other hand, audiobooks are available in different formats. They are audio or voice recordings of printed or paperback books. 

The different formats audiobooks are available in include:

  • MP3
  • WMA
  • M4B
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • WAV
  • OGG
  • AAX 
  • AIFF
  • M4P
  • ALAC
  • Lossless compressed audio format

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2: The experience both book formats create:

You’ll have a different experience when reading audiobooks compared to ebooks. And the experience makes both book formats unique. 

You don’t need to hold your device or look at the screen when listening to an audiobook. The only time you’ll need to do that is when you want to play the book. Once it starts playing, you’ll be free to engage in other activities while listening to the audiobook play. You can do your house chores, exercise, meditate, drive, or relax. 

So, audiobooks are quite convenient. The sensory experience you get while listening to an audiobook makes most people prefer it over ebooks. 

Now, let’s discuss ebooks. 

You have to hold your device and focus on the screen while reading an ebook. Unlike the audiobook, you’ll be occupied while reading ebooks. 

What does this mean? You won’t be free to do other activities while reading an ebook. You’ll require maximum concentration to understand the content of the book.  

While audiobooks give you a sensory experience, ebooks offer a tangible visual experience. 

3: Content of ebooks and audiobooks

The content also differentiates ebooks from audiobooks. Ebooks involve text. They are the digital versions of paperbacks. 

While you can add diverse visual materials (videos, photos, charts, diagrams, infographics, and others) to ebooks, you can’t do the same to audiobooks. 

You can only describe the image or chart in an audiobook using voice illustration, leaving readers to interpret the illustration how they want. 

4: How audiobooks and ebooks are created:

Another difference between audiobooks and ebooks is how they are created and the people involved in the creation of both books. 

Authors can create audiobooks. But sometimes, depending on the nature book, professional narrators and voiceover artists are hired. 

Unlike ebooks, audiobooks are created in the studio with voice recording devices. 

Authors write and publish their ebooks online. They don’t need professional narrators or voiceover artists. 

5: Audiobooks and ebooks’ reading experience:

How do you feel when reading audiobooks compared to ebooks? 

Ebooks offer a visual reading experience. They allow readers to interact with the text, images, and other visual materials. 

You can customize ebooks to get a personalized experience for optimal comfort. These include adjusting font style, font size, background color, and others. 

Ebooks also contain other interactive elements that make reading enjoyable and give those interested in improving their knowledge easy access to valuable information. You’ll find footnotes, hyperlinks, and links to useful information. 

Audiobooks give you an auditory and immersive experience. You’ll have the privilege of listening to the author’s voice and how the original story was told. 

Most audiobooks are created using professional narrators and actors, giving personality and depth to the story. The voice amplifies readers’ emotional connection to the story. 

A Handy Tip: The vocal inflection, pronunciation, and intonation give audiobooks an added advantage. They help convey the author’s intended message and allow readers to immerse themselves in the narrative. 

6: Portability:

Ebooks are more cost-effective to create than audiobooks. Authors don’t need to hire professional narrators or voiceover artists to create ebooks, but they do in audiobooks. 

In addition, authors don’t need to book recording sessions in a studio to create ebooks.

In plain terms, ebooks are cheaper to create than audiobooks. 

In the aspect of portability, ebooks carry the day. They are small in size, meaning you can have a whole library of ebooks on your device. 

Audiobooks are larger than ebooks, though you can compress the file size. But then, the problem with this strategy is that you may end up compromising your audiobook’s quality. 

7: Eliminates the need for visual engagement with the text:

One difference or advantage audiobooks have over ebooks is that readers don’t need to engage with the text visually. All you need to do is to listen to the audio voice.

For people seeking passive reading experience or who have visual impairment, audiobooks are a wise choice. 


You have read the difference between ebook and audiobooks. You can see that there are a lot of differences between both book formats. 

The similarities between both books are also there. One of them is that ebooks and audiobooks need a back cover. And remember, a professional-looking cover will set your book apart. 

Ebooks are digital versions of printed or paperback books, while audiobooks are voice or audio recordings of books. The authors themselves create both, but sometimes, some authors hire professional narrators for their audiobooks. 

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