Here, we’ll discuss the topic, “What does an ebook look like?” So, if you’re an ebook lover or author, gather here. 

Ebooks are gradually taking over. They are gradually becoming the choice of many people who used to like hard copies. 

Ebooks boast several advantages over hardcopies. For instance, you can store thousands of ebooks on your device, allowing you to read different titles on the go. 

It will be impossible to transport the same number of hard copy books, as the ones stored in a device. That is one of the advantages an ebook has over printed books. But there is more. 

Here, we will discuss what an ebook looks like, and more. Keep reading! 

What Does An Ebook Look Like?

An ebook is like a printed book or hard copy. You can even print some ebooks out and bind them like hard copies. 

When you print out the copies of an ebook and add a stunning ebook cover designit becomes like a hard copy. So, an ebook is a hard copy in electronic format. 

The meaning of an ebook is “Electronic Book.” Ebooks are designed to be read on smartphones, computers, e-readers, tablets, etc.

What Can I Create An Ebook About?

Are you aware that 30-34% of all the ebooks sold are from self-publishing authors? Self-publishers sell over 300 million ebooks each year. 

So, if you’re a self-publishing author or plan to delve into the industry as one, you have made a good decision. You can sell your ebook on Amazon and other platforms. 

Amazon alone pays over $520 million in royalties to self-publishing authors. So, there’s enough money to be made. 

The major challenge most beginners have is to know what niche suits them. What can you create an ebook about? That is the major question. 

You can create an ebook about numerous things. Here are some ideas to help you get started. 

1: Create children’s books:

You can create children’s books. Write a great story that entertains or educates children. 

The children’s book niche is not saturated as many think. Most authors don’t consider writing children’s books because they feel it’s not a lucrative niche, but it is. 

Writing children’s books is also a bit easier than other niches. One of the reasons is that you don’t need to do much editing or use heavy vocabulary. Just write a few texts and include visuals to make the book eye-catching. 

2: Personal development and self-help books:

Here comes another lucrative niche you can create ebooks on. The personal development and self-help niche will constantly boom as people seek to improve and be better versions of themselves.

Another exciting thing about these niches is that anyone can create an ebook. You don’t have to be a counselor or psychologist to create a self-help or personal development book. You can tap from your personal experience.

Write about a challenge you faced and how you overcame the challenge. Someone might be going through a similar problem and need help getting through it. 

Individuals who aren’t facing similar challenges will also purchase your book. Your bravery and how you handled the challenge you faced can be the motivating factor that drove them to get your book. 

This niche is divided into several categories. There are personal development and self-help books on depression, relationships, anxiety disorder, weight loss, etc. 

3: Short stories and essays:

Let me say this: more people are beginning to fall in love with short stories. Do you know why? They can consume multiple short stories within a short space of time. 

We live in a fast-paced world, and our attention span has only gotten shorter over the years. Our attention span is as short as that of a goldfish. 

Short stories and essays are growing, and the fan base for such books is increasing like wildfire. Some people consider them to be more valuable than lengthy books. 

Any genre of short stories is profitable. These include fiction, non-fiction, and even poetry. The most important thing is the topic. Choose a topic that people will be interested in, and your book will be successful.

A Handy Tip: If you want to delve into short stories and essay niches, consider Amazon Kindle Singles. 

The short stories you’ll find on the platform are usually within 5,000 to 30,000. That is the guideline. But the truth is Kindle Single is taking over gradually. It is the future. 

4: The business niche (money-making):

What would be your answer if you were asked if you want to make money? Will you answer no? Of course, you won’t. Even the rich are still looking for more money. 

The truth of the matter is everybody wants to make money. Thus, books about money-making or business will always sell like wildfire. 

You can write about job applicants’ mistakes and cite examples from such books. Write about business ideas, tips to overcome specific challenges in business, and more. 

5: Food and cooking?

You don’t have to be a foodie to produce this ebook. Just know how to cook or combine recipes to create unique cuisines. 

Also, you don’t have to be a chef to produce a cooking book. But if you are, then kudos to you! 

People like cooking, eating, learning, and trying out new recipes. They like trying new recipes at home instead of going to restaurants all the time. 

Your cookbook should be simple to follow and understand. Use quality pictures and short sentences to break down complex terms. 

The cookbook niche is not yet as saturated. There will always be room for new authors to succeed. But one advice you must follow is to make your cook and food book unique. Ensure your recipes and cooking techniques are unique if you want to stand out.

 Dieting, weight loss, and fitness:

These are familiar niches. They are also one of the most searched on Amazon. Do you know why? They are essential to one’s health. Obesity can cause an individual to develop several life-threatening medical conditions. That is why people want to lose weight. 

Dieting and exercise (fitness) are crucial for weight loss. Both work hand-in-hand. You cannot diet and not workout. 

As an author, you must be an expert in this field to increase your chances of succeeding. When you’re a trained dietician or fitness coach, people will take you more seriously. 

Another thing that makes it essential to be an expert in these niches is that they have been populated lately by experts. So, if you are an expert in this niche, write ebooks on tips that will benefit others. 

Factors That Make Ebooks Unique 

Several factors make ebooks unique and different from printed books. Check them out below:

1: Ebooks are eco-friendly:

You don’t need to feel trees to create an ebook. They are digital and stored in devices like computers, smartphones, e-readers, etc.  

Ebooks are the best options to fight against the felling of trees, which contributes to deforestation, a primary reason for climate change. Trees play an essential role in removing excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

You don’t need to print ebooks. You are meant to read them on your device. 

2: Ebooks are portable:

The portability of ebooks makes them a wise choice for people who like storing and reading multiple books at a go. 

Depending on the memory size, you can store hundreds and even thousands of ebooks on a device, such as an e-reader or mobile device. Ebooks file sizes are small. Thus, they won’t take up much space in your device.

3: Ebooks don’t occupy physical spaces:

The challenge with keeping printed books is how to store them. You will need a bookshelf if you wish to store multiple printed books.

Bookshelves occupy space. So, you must be ready to sacrifice some physical spaces in your house if you want to store hard copies. 

But this isn’t the case with ebooks. The only thing that will take up space in your property is the device you’re using to store the books, which isn’t even as big as the bookshelf.

Similarities Between ebooks and printed books

Here are some similarities between the printed books and ebooks. 

1: Add images and website links to ebooks and print hard copies. 

2: You can print an ebook and bind it as a hard copy. However, note that some books are unprintable. 

3: You can’t edit ebooks or printed books. 


So, what does an ebook look like? You have seen the explanation. Ebooks are electronic books and are similar to printed books. But there are differences between both book formats. 

Ebooks boast some advantages over printed copies. They are eco-friendly, portable, and don’t require the felling of trees. 

As an aspiring author, there are several niches you can delve into to earn a living from your craft. There are children’s books, self-help books, cookbooks, and other niches where you can produce an ebook. 

The self-publishing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Self-publishers sell millions of ebooks on Amazon alone every year. You can join the bandwagon and become a self-publisher today. 

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