Buying a book gives you access to read the book. But, can I print an ebook I bought? If you’re one of the few people asking this question, we’re happy to share our response with you. 

There are several reasons most people will prefer to print an ebook they bought. For some, it might be for reference purposes, while others may have other intentions. 

Whatever your motives are for wanting to print an ebook, always remember that the books you’re about to print are the intellectual properties of other people.

In this post, we’ll discuss the possibility of printing an ebook you bought with your hard-earned money and how to download ebooks to your computer. Continue reading for more details. 

Can I Print An eBook I bought?

Yes, you can, but not the entire book. Since you purchased the book, you should be able to print around 40 percent of the book. 

Unfortunately, you can’t print the entire book. Additionally, you can only use the printed copies of the book for private purposes. You can’t use them for commercial purposes. 

Most books are protected. Publishers use DRM protection for most of their books. The reason is to prevent people from printing and using ebooks in an authorized manner. 

A Handy Tip: You’ll find the actual number of pages available for printing on each ebook. 

Can I Download An eBook I Bought?  

Yes, you can download most ebooks to your desktop computer and read them offline with Adobe Digital Editions reader. 

However, you don’t have to download most books to read them. You can read them via your web browser.

A Handy Tip: Most authors offer a bundle where you can download an ebook after purchasing the printed copy. You’ll often find such books in ebook courses, etc.

How Can I Download An eBook I Bought?

You can download an ebook in different ways. We’ll explain some of them below. 

Downloading an ebook to Adobe Digital Editions reader:

The first step is how to download your ebook to the Adobe Digital Editions reader. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install the Adobe Digital Editions to your desktop computer, but ensure it’s the latest version. The latest version gives you access to new features, improving your reading experience. 

Furthermore, create an Adobe ID. Now, you’re done with this stage. Let’s move to the next stage. 

Step 2: Open the reader. Then, authorize it with the Adobe ID you created. 

Step 3: Search for the ebook

Step 4: Start downloading the ebook to your desktop computer. Please remember to access the ebook in the Adobe Digital Editions. Avoid using different software. Once the book finishes downloading, it will open in the reader.    

How To Get An eBook from an Author/Publisher’s Website to Amazon Kindle: Smashwords to Kindle

In this section, we’ll be explaining how to get ebooks from a publisher or author’s website (including Smashwords) to Amazon Kindle.   

Firstly, understand that you can move ebooks to your Kindle via email or computer download. We’ll be explaining both processes quickly. 

Let’s start with the email method. 

Step 1: Get the EPUB file from Smashwords:

That’s what you need if you’re getting the ebook to Kindle via email. 

Now, send the EPUB file of the ebook to your Amazon Kindle email address. 

Where can you find your Kindle address? Visit Amazon’s official website and access your account. Then click “Manage Your Content and Device.” 

Once you’re done doing that, the next phase is to click on the settings tab. 

Your email address is located under the “Personal Document Settings.” Here, Amazon will also show you a list of your devices. 

Step 2: Confirm the email address:

Check to ensure the email address you’re sending the ebook to is on the “Approved Personal Document Email list.” 

On the approved personal document section, scroll down to check approved emails. You’ll find them beneath the device email list.

Step 3: Email the EPUB file to your Kindle:

You have concluded this step. Now, email the file to your Kindle. 

A Handy Tip: Ensure the email you want to send the file to is on your ‘Approved Personal Document Email list.”

The second strategy we’re going to discuss is how to get the ebooks from Smashwords to your Kindle. The first strategy we discussed was via email. Now, this strategy is via computer download. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open your computer and access Smashwords.
  • Get the MOBI file of your ebook of choice.  
  • Start the Kindle to computer connection. 

You can connect your Kindle to your computer via a USB Kindle cable. Once you’re done, you’ll see your Kindle like a flash drive on your computer. 

If it appears this way, it means you have successfully connected your Kindle to your computer. Now, you can start the next phase. 

Step 4: Drag the downloaded MOBI file to the documents folder on your Kindle

Step 5: Disconnect the Kindle from your computer:

You can check your device. You’ll find the ebook in your library section.    

Easy Ways To Download eBooks You Have Paid For To Your PC

When you purchase an ebook, you can read it via your browser or download it to your computer system. Most people will fancy the idea of downloading their books to their computers, as it allows them to read offline. 

If you’re one of them, here are the simple ways to download ebooks to your computer system. 

  • Download the ebook from Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to your computer: 

You can get books from Amazon Kindle to your computer to read. The process is simple.

First, visit Amazon’s website. Open the “Content & Devices” page. Then select books.

After that, find the title and choose “More Actions.” Now, select “Download” & transfer via USB in the pop-up window.

That’s it. You have downloaded your book from Amazon. All you need to do at this stage is follow the Amazon prompts to complete the download.

  • Download ebooks from Google Play to computer:

Downloading or reading Google Play books online is also an easy process. You can read Google Play books offline when you have Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).

So, the first step is to download the Adobe Digital Editions to your computer. Once you have this software, download the book’s EPUB file from Google Play to your computer. With this software, you can read EPUB files offline.

  • How to download ebooks from Barnes & Noble to a computer: 

Barnes and Noble’s Nook app is one of the top eReaders out there. You can have access to thousands of free and premium ebooks via this app.

You can read books from Barnes and Noble on your browser. All you need is the Nook for the web.

You can also get the Nook app to your PC to gain access to and consume Nook books.

A Handy Tip: To download Nook books, download the Nook Study Old Version to your computer. Set up your account and proceed to the next stages.

All you have to do once your account has been set up is to click on the book’s back cover to start the download process. Alternatively, you can click on Option > Download” to Download Nook ebooks.

  • How to download ebooks from Kobo:

You can download Kobo ebooks with ease from the Kobo eReader. Another way to download Kobo books is via the Adobe Digital Editions software.

To download ebooks from Kobo directly, follow the steps below.

First, download and install the Kobo desktop application on your computer.

Launch the Kobo desktop application, sign in (or create an account), and go to the “My Books” tab.

A Handy Tip: Update your ebook library before you start downloading. To do so, click the “Synch” icon.

Once you’re done updating the app, you can start downloading. Just click on the “Download” tab located at the bottom right of the ebook cover. Now, your ebook is on its way to your PC!

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Can I print an ebook I bought? Yes, you can. But keep in mind that you can only print around 40 percent of the book.

In other words, you can only print a few pages of the book, not the entire book. Additionally, even the ones you printed cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The ebooks you’re buying are protected by copyright. And violating the copyright of others can have serious consequences.  

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