The eBook Spot claims to offer all the books, from top-rated courses to fiction, for under 4 dollars. But is eBook Spot legit, as they claim?

The internet has become a haven for fraudsters, using diverse formats to lure their target. Many of these fraudsters even build professional-looking websites or clone popular websites and use them to perpetrate their crimes. 

So, everyone must be careful when purchasing, accessing, or providing their information online. You never know the intentions of the individuals on the other side. 

In this post, the discussion will be on eBook Spot. Is it a legit platform or a scam? Read to find out. 

Is eBook Spot Legit?

Unfortunately, eBook Spot is not legit. You’ll be wasting your time and putting yourself in danger by buying books from them. 

The eBook Spot offers are tempting. Imagine having the opportunity to purchase all seven of Harry Potter’s books for $7. That is what eBook Spot claims they can offer potential buyers. 

The offer looks tempting, but there is no guarantee that you’ll get your book after paying or that the people offering the ebook won’t steal your information and use it to harm you. 

The advice for ebook lovers is to avoid eBook Spot. They aren’t legit, as we’ll prove in the other sections of this post. 

Why eBook Spot Is Not Legit: Reasons To Avoid The Platform

If you’re thinking about purchasing an ebook from eBook Spot and need information on the platform’s legitimacy, you have found the right place. 

Here are reasons eBook Spot isn’t legit and should be avoided at all costs. 

1: eBook Spot doesn’t have an official website:

The eBook Spot resembles a business run by people with questionable intentions. They aren’t legit and don’t have real websites like Amazon, Kobo, Apple Book, Barnes and Noble, and even Smashwords. 

When searching for “eBook Spot” online, you’ll find that they have a Facebook page with 87 followers and 87 likes, which anyone can easily solicit from friends and family.

You can see their Facebook Page. Nothing about it seems legit. By the way, anyone with a Facebook account can create a Facebook page and post ebooks for sale. It is still in line with the platform’s policy. 

Did you know eBook Spot boasts a Pinterest profile? Yes, they do. They displayed a wide collection of books on their Pinterest profile to attract potential buyers. 

If you’re looking for cheap ebooks and are okay with the risk attached to buying from an unverified platform, you might easily fall in love with eBook Spot.     

Here is the eBook Spot’s Pinterest profile:

You can see that the platform has 2K followers on Pinterest and 56 following. They also have 12,703 pins and 32 sections.

They look serious but are just after ebook lovers’ money and, probably, private information. So, be careful when dealing with these sorts of platforms. 

A Handy Tip: eBook Spot’s only official website is a “” website. This indicates that the platform is run by a group of people who are only looking to feed off other people’s hard work. 

There is nothing legit about this website, as you can see. A reputable eBook platform would not be opening a website on, a free platform.   

2: eBook Spot doesn’t have permission to publish the books on its social media platforms:

On platforms like Amazon KDP, and Apple iBooks, authors published their books themselves, not the other way around. 

Amazon KDP allows authors to publish their books online by following specific and well-structured guidelines. Amazon doesn’t publish books for authors and won’t publish books they don’t have rights to if they choose to do so. 

Unfortunately, eBook Spot doesn’t operate that way. Top-rated and valuable books are on the platform, but these materials were probably stolen from other legitimate platforms. 

So, eBook Spot doesn’t own the rights to the books published on the platform. They are also not in any deal with the authors of their books on their platform. 

What eBook Spot is doing is illegal; it’s called piracy. It could land them in big trouble. People patronizing the platform could also land themselves in serious trouble. 

3: Authors are not profiting from books on eBook Spot:

Writing a book takes time, energy, and money. Authors sacrifice a lot to write, proofread, and edit their books. Most authors even hire the best book cover designer to craft their books. 

So, it takes a lot of effort to write books. Therefore, authors deserve great compensation for their books. They also deserve proper recognition and respect. 

Unfortunately, eBook Spot isn’t an online book vendor that wants to respect the rights of authors. They seem more like a platform dedicated to filling their pockets by selling books they don’t have authorized access to. 

The revenue from sales made from books on eBook Spot (if any) don’t go to the authors. Rather, the revenue generated ends up in the coffers of the people behind eBook Spot. 

Stealing other people’s work is a crime and is punishable by law. Offenders may find themselves paying hefty fines when caught or serve jail time. 

The eBook Spot is depriving authors of the opportunity to make maximum revenue from their books. Platforms like these kill the morale and inspiration of our writers/authors, forcing many to drop their pens. 

We don’t need to discourage authors from writing. Instead, we should be encouraging them so they can continue producing valuable books for us to read. But this can only happen when platforms like the eBook Spot no longer exist. 

4: There are no activities on eBook Spot’s social media accounts:

A closer look at eBook Spot’s profile, especially its Facebook Profile, reveals a lengthy period of inactivity. 

eBook shop

You can see that the last post they published was on September 6, 2017. That was over seven years ago. They have not published any posts since then. 

Again, this shows the platform is not legit. Therefore, anybody who buys a book from it is only encouraging its dubious acts. They want to profit by selling other people’s intellectual properties without proper authorization. 

Where Can You Sell Your Books?

First and foremost, you can’t sell a book on eBook Spot. The operators or people behind the site didn’t design it to function that way. We’ll also not advise anyone to do a deal with eBook Spot, as the platform isn’t legit. 

There are diverse ways you can sell your books online. Check them out below:

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  • Apple iBook
  • AbeBooks
  • BookScouter
  • Blurb
  • BookDeals
  • eBay 
  • Google Play Books
  • Barnes and Noble

Each of these sites has specific requirements for books they accept. Thus, follow the requirements of each site to improve the chances of your book’s approval. 

Can You Sell An eBook on Your Website?

Amazon KDP, Apple iBook, eBay, and the other platforms you can sell an ebook are great platforms. They have built a solid reputation online and have massive revenue to run marketing campaigns. Additionally, these platforms also get millions of visitors every month, increasing the chances of your book being found by potential readers. 

Now, here is the thing about selling your book on your website: it is a great step to get maximum revenue from your book. 

Another benefit of selling your book on your website is that you’ll build a stronger relationship with your audience. 

When a reader buys your book on Amazon, all their information is stored on Amazon. You will only have a means of reaching them if they manage to contact you directly. 

It would help if you reached people who bought your book to notify them of future books. But if they buy directly from your website, you’ll have access to their information and notify them when new books are available. 

When you publish on your website, you can launch faster. You can launch your book before Amazon’s 24-72 hours review period. 


 Is eBook Spot legit? No, the platform is not legit. It is an illegal platform selling books unauthorized. 

Authors work hard to draft their books and dedicate many hours of research, brainstorming, writing, and editing, but many never get maximum rewards because of platforms like eBook Spot. 

Any sale that eBook Spot makes goes into their pockets. That’s how the platform is designed to operate. Nothing goes to the main author. The eBook Spot also doesn’t have the right to sell the books it lists online. They are pirating other people’s work, which is an offense. 

Authors deserve maximum profit for their books. They dedicate their time to drafting the books and even invest in great cover designs to ensure their books stand out. Unfortunately, platforms like eBook Spot want to ruin authors’ opportunity to get maximum profit from their work. This has to stop.

Latoya Fernandez

Latoya Fernandez

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